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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back home

Being home feels familiar again. I'm happy with the good clothing shops, because Dutch fashion does look a lot more divers than the Irish fashion. Then there is the Dutch efficiency, and my personal favourite: vla. This last product is not equal to custard. It tastes slightly different.
I still have to get used to the large amount of cyclists, but enjoy a city without cars.

Today I picked up my birth certificate. Wait twenty minutes, ask for the certificate, pay and half an hour later I'm outside on my way to the courthouse to get it apostilled. All in all it took one hour. Compared to getting a police certificate in Ireland it's very fast. In Ireland I only needed to wait three weeks for that.
So all legal requirements are met and now I can focus on my Spanish and enjoy a few more weeks in NL. Also nice that the Dutch football team reached the finals of the world cup. Although I don't take a big interest in it. Especially all the orange stuff you can buy in the shops.
Apart from the obvious flags, horns, and clothing there is: orange vla, orange cakes and loads of other items that have special orange packaging just because they can and people are stupid enough to buy it, even if it costs more. Crazy Dutch... Retailers are happy, though.

I'll just keep on doing my exercises, enjoy the good weather and practice my Spanish. All is set for the Dominican Republic and I can't wait to get there. Just for the sake of being released from all that orange stuff!

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