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Thursday, July 22, 2010

In DR!

Arrived in Cabarete, yesterday.
Tuesday my parents dropped me off. After a sad goodbye and a big hug I sat down at the gate and hear my name being announced. I report at the stewards and ask what is the matter? Seems they where overbooked and they gave me a different seat. Business class!
So the flight went smoothly, stretching my legs, enjoying excellent food and lots off goodies. At my arrival at Punta Cana, customs wanted to check my bags. Wondering what I was doing in a holiday destination with three suitcases. All was fine and everything went smooth. Contacted my new friend and drove to Bavaro to meet her.
After a quick shower I enter the local baristo and was struck by how dead this little place at the beach is. I sat down next to a Canadian woman who was sitting alone outside. Enjoyed my Presidente and struck up a conversation about DR and what it's like for her.
Soon two more people joined and I found out first hand how some Dominicans are so narrow minded about Haitians. One was Haitian, the other guy was Dominican. Of course in the eyes of the Dominican guy this particular Haitian was OK. Maybe because he was half Haitian, half Dominican.
The woman and me tried in vain to explain that you just can't judge a person on his colour or where the person is from. Luckily we all got distracted by a sweet little girl dancing and joking around. After enough beers I was tired enough to hit my bed and take a good rest.

The next day I was picked up by my chauffeur in a nice Mercedes to drive me to Cabarete. Of course it was cheaper to take a bus, but first of all it would take me hours more and second I needed to drag my three suitcases between at least three different busses and two or three taxis before I would arrive in Cabarete.
Apart from the smooth quick ride I was able to talk business and perhaps have a client that needs help with some websites. The country side was lovely and between the rain I enjoyed the lush green land with palm trees, hills and potholes.
Arrived a bit later than planned in my new gaff: Nice simple one bedroom apartment, more like a little house with a pool three steps from the front door. Life is sweet!

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