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Friday, July 16, 2010

Why did I leave the Netherlands?

Currently there is a hot debate in the Netherlands because a very orthodox protestant farmer lost a high court case against the local 'welstandscommissie'. This is a comity that advises the local counsels about architectural design and looks of buildings in a community. Basically it means that if you want to alter your house, they decide if it fits in with the neighbourhood or not. If not: Though luck.
They didn't like the bright white letters on the roof of this farm stating: "Jesus saves". Not the expression but the grade of white is disapproval! This committee is suggesting that a shade of grey would be better. The farmer doesn't want to change it and is planning to appeal with the European court.
Quibbling. As the majority of the Dutch are saying.

In other news today where the after effects of the arrival of the Dutch football team in Amsterdam. They had a nice ride through the canals on a boat holding beer. "Wrong example to the youth! They should be an example" some anti-alcohol organisation is saying. Even questions in parliament are raised.
Now I don't agree with the whole excessive welcoming of the Dutch football team at all, but to point out the use of big pitchers and lots of bottles of beer by the Dutch team on the boat is just pathetic.

How well organised the Netherlands is, this quibbling is just making me cringe. Glad I'm leaving in a few days.
Now tell me, do these guys look like happy losers or not?

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