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Saturday, December 4, 2010


What is the significance of Wikileaks Cablegate?
First of all, the cables are marked 'secret' or 'non-foreigners' and where/are accessible by about 3 million US government employees. And all of them would have been released to the public in less than 20 years from now.
The cat and mouse game on keeping running are in full swing. Amazon dropped hosting a single HTML page that explains how to get to the cables and other files, due to pressure from the US government. The DNS server dropped their entries from to, for instance, (old 2008 IP address, server not loading)
This is stiffening access, but currently there is a swiss server, a Dutch, German and Finnish  domain name up and running. There are also dozens of mirror sites, like and The NYTimes keeps us updated with The Lede's blog. Besides that, NYTimes, The Gardian and other newspapers already have the full cables and that's where the juicy news came from in the first place.
The public had to do with information about Iran on the first and second day. Now it seems it will publicise from different embassies every day.
It worried me that it started off with cables about arms deals with Iran and other cables concerning mostly Iran. Was wikileaks a tool to ramp up the public for yet another war?
Still not sure about that yet. I stay with the old saying that if you make something illegal people will try harder to get it. So in the events around wikileaks it seems we are focussing more and more on it and will try harder to get the information.

What is more worrying is the man hunt after Assange and the cyberhunt to shut down the servers, that are based worldwide.
When advisers and would be president candidates start calling (and later apologizing) to assasinate Assange on this relatively unimportant data, we are made to fear our governments more and more.

What worries me the most is that this is accelerating the changes that our world governments want about the internet. Paygates, greater control of what is available on the internet and more. China is a prime example on how it deals with the internet and could end up in a template for the whole internet.
The internet is basically the 8th continent of the world, a place where you do not need a visa and can travel to instantly. Having companies restricting it, or worse: governments that limit it, will take this continent out of the hands of the people and into another tool for mass media, controlling what we should be informed of, and what we are allowed to see.
Already the big media companies are controlling what we see and what we are being informed. They are owned by only a few companies. If you see that Comcast, the US biggest internet provider, wants a piece of NBC that is owned by General Electric, you know what direction this is going. Comcast is not interested in Net Neutrality and thinks that issue should be scrapped from the senates agenda, leaving it to the corporations.  We all know what that did to banking.
This month the FCC asked to get Obama's Net Neutrality promise for a vote, just before christmas. Same as what happened in 1913, just before christmas.... Less congressmen, better chance of getting the vote on. And the plans don't look like how Obama envisioned it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's put two and two together...

Interesting development in the world.
Ireland has his bailout against the will of the people. At 6.75 percent interest.
Let's see what a critic has to say about that:

what he says about China and other countries that want to stop using the dollar as the world currency and most of all, don't want to keep supporting the failed US consuming economy, will pour down through the rest of the world.
Now that the US agreed to back out of Afghanistan, they are preparing a new 'intervention' in Asia. China will have to respond to the entering of a aircraft carrier in the Yellow sea.

But the US could, diplomatically, also mention to China that if they don't back up the US currency they will turn up the heat on North Korea, with the result that China will have to take in refugees. Something they are not willing to do. Because it will mean a collapse of North Korea.
Having the vultures of the IMF getting a grip on Ireland and having them slowly destroy the Euro, as Max Keiser suggests, will have an interesting effect on the world currencies.
I don't think the US wants to create a new Korean war. But having announced to wind down the Afghan mission and now showing their muscles in Korea is a nice way of keeping the dollars floating into the coffers of the defence industry.
Something that we all know is a bottomless pit that burdens the world economy. The only way to keep the US afloat is by printing more dollars, making the currency worth less and less or by increasing the inflation. Conspiracy theorists will see all of this as a marking to a new world currency and the new world order.
This is an older report from 2008 about the beginning of the crisis where a couple of points are made:
(1) I am doubtful of the Fed's ability to alter interest rate spreads through the kinds of compositional changes in its balance sheet implemented over the last two years. Whatever your prior ideas were about this, surely it's time to revise those in light of incoming data-- if the first trillion dollars didn't do the job, how much do you think it would take to accomplish the task?
(2) I think the Fed's goal should be a 3% inflation rate. Paying interest on reserves and encouraging banks to hoard them is inconsistent with that objective, as would be a new trillion dollars in money creation.

As we can see point one was taken and ended up in an influx in dollars on the market. Devaluing the dollar rapidity:

The full article behind this graph is interesting as well.

So what we have is an interesting mix that could not only bring the end to the Euro but also the dollar, that in it current form, is becoming increasingly unstable.
China will be the only country that could make a change and in that light the Korean conflict brings an interesting extra dimension.
Of course we can also follow Cantona's proposal on the 7th of December:

This article keeps bugging me, as I can't find any sources that back that story up. And if there are, it's hidden in heavy economic or lawyer lingo I can't seem to fully grasp.
And when pseudo economic analysts start stirring things up, we could be in for a roller-coaster ride. Especially if we follow that seigniorage link and Cantona mentioned above.

Maybe I'm the only one that likes those rides, because the alternative: walking slowly towards the end of a cliff sounds less interesting.
In the end we will always keep two things: Labour and resources. And as long as there are people on this planet those things will not disappear. With or without economics, with or without money, those things will keep existing. Maybe it's time for a revolution like a resource based economy and stepping away from greed and capitalism.
Let me finish of with a few words from my hero Bill Hicks:
Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hold on! What's going on here?

The banking crisis is getting better and better.
Let's put things on a timeline here.
- Banks are lowering interest on loans and lowering the requirements for people to loan money.
- People borrow more and more money without being able to pay back.
- Banks sell those bad loans of, against higher speculation prices until someone figures out what they really are.
- Banks go bust.
- Governments bail out the banks.
- Now the EU says all countries that are over the 3% GDP eurozone limit will need to borrow from the banks. If not, austerity measures need to be taken. And this is where the protests begin...
Only because the national governments are not allowed to raise taxes because that would bring the EU's competition level in danger on the world markets.

Now hold on a second. Governments choose to bail out the banks, using taxpayers money. Banks are happy again and as a result taxpayers are now taken hostage by the EU for the bailout in the first place. Talking about being bent over and taken it in the arse twice!

So in response the EU Commission President said the following:
"Governments are not always right. If governments were always right we would not have the situation that we have today."  
"Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often, or can be, wrong."

So that's why we needed a stronger EU with the Lisbon Treaty? EU has more to say undemocratically than the democratically chosen leaders of national parliaments.

I found this article that digs a little deeper into the source of this all.
Basically what the article says is that the IMF is planning all this. The problem is that the countries most steeped in public debt also have the largest voting power within the IMF:
Now lets look at what the US calls the Axis of Evil. Officially it's Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Further more there is: Cuba, Libya and Syria. Numerous sources do mention Russia (after paying a large amount of foreign debt back in 2005) and Venezuela as part of the Axis of Evil too. Not only by the US but also the NATO.
Funny thing is that most of these countries are not in public debt or have a far lower percentage of public debt against their GDP than the world average. Of course North Korea is not mentioned because it's not in the IMF and the known atrocities against their own people are known. That country must be in serious debt, despite what the leaders are saying.

By the looks of it, the western world (Europe and the US) are now ready to be swept up by IMF policies. Can't be too bad you say? We'll have to see about that...

Well they do want to help out, most of all because they see that countries are potting up and building up the reserves. Making it likely to pay off their debts all of the sudden! Like Russia did in 2005. This was a blow in the face of the IMF. About a $12 billion interest slap in the face for a period from 2005-2020. That was just interest on a $45 billion loan back in the '90ties...
Now, to see how beneficial this payback was...
Russia is doing quite well without debts from the IMF or other countries and is building a nice reserve system on top of that.
So that all needs a change. Welcome to reserve accumulation and a stable monetary system. The Bancor! A new global monetary unit.

 (click for a larger picture)
They know it's going to have a lot of resistance. So the current demonstrations in Spain and Brussels are just a test balloon, seeing how much we resist. If we don't resist too much, they will push it a notch upwards.
Years ago I said the following, when there was a bit of a stir in NL about some measures. They where talking about going to The Hague to demonstrate.
Nowadays we rather sit behind our computer and protest, than go out on the streets. Maybe there will be riot police. And maybe they will use their batons. Before you know it, you have a bruise on your head, or worse, end up in the hospital. On Monday you can't come to work and have to explain to your boss what you where doing on Saturday. They will call it irresponsible and your own fault. Company medical policies will not pay out and you could loose your job, or be passed over a promotion. And most of us will not like that. So we stay put, behind our computer screens and protest in silence.
The longer we keep doing this, the less resilience we will show. Until we're completely one world order with one political system and one monetary system. Because it seems that's what we wanted. Watch that IMF video again... It's not what we want.
Some go even further and predict a world war III And that is definitely not what we want. I know, it's a long read. Roadmaps are never short and snappy.

iFocus and ManicTime revisited

A while back, I downloaded two programs to help me work. Both have different functions and I wanted to see what worked best for me.

With iFocus you can block different websites and programs based on the name in the title bar of the window. Downside is that this program needs to be downloaded every time you start your computer. It's a bit invasive and I would prefer a normal executable. So I tweaked it a bit so it won't download unless I want it to, just to be on the save side.
So how does it work? 
It tracks all programs (executables) and lists them as a total usage per day. It watches what the titlebar of all the programs say and blocks it according to some rules you set.
It works well, either notifying you or blocking the screen all together if you spend too much time on the build-in lists or your own items you've put in.
Can I do without it?
Sure. But if you start spending a lot of time on Facebook or even worse, Mafia Wars. It's sure is handy to have to make sure you stay focussed on what you have to do. It even tells you to take a break, so now and then.
Overall it's a good program. I removed it once as it wasn't really what I was looking for in tracking. But realising that I spend time on other things besides work it came back. It's a small program, doesn't eat a lot of resources at all and does what it says it does.
Download it from:

ManicTime Tracker
Now here's a nifty program to keep track of what you've done. It's a must have for all freelancers. It keeps track of all programs and websites you've visited and how long you've spent your time on it. It does this with a few different graphs and timebars.
If you need to bill clients based on time, or wonder what the heck you where doing today, this is a must have program.
So how does it work?
ManicTime shows a timeline for the day, giving different colours to each application and document you've used. Different websites are under documents as well. Giving the opportunity to track the time usage for each individual website or program.
Can I do without it?
I could, of course. But if I want to know how long I've worked on a project, this is the program to use.
ManicTime just sits in my notifications and runs. It's there when I need to keep track of what I've done and just works. It does take a bit of memory but it's a program I don't want to miss out on.
Download it from:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

history starting to repeat itself?

Was reading this post about islamophobia.
In America there is the Anti deformation league. They investigate all kinds of anti semitism complaints. Usually small complaints. They made sure that even mentioning the word "Jew" somewhere, you have to be very careful about what you say, how you formulate your words, and mention that you have nothing against the persons as being a race, but only the actions of the Israeli government for example. Watch this video from Israeli director Yoav Shamir to get an insight in how it works. I love how the ADL says they don't have any influence, but continue to meet with high profile figures throughout the world.

Between 1934 and 1941 in Germany Jewish people where excluded more and more and many started to migrate. What happened after that is a sad truth...
Don't forget that there has been a hatred against Jews over the centuries. Same is actually true for Islamic people. In a lesser content, but still existent.

Exactly the same thing is starting now, to nick the two quotes from the Guardian as well:

“There is something around the whole United States, something is different. I was here since 1982. I have three kids here and I never had any trouble. My kids, they go to the girl scouts, they play basketball, they did all the normal activities. It just started this year. It’s strange, because after 9/11 there was no problem,” said Fathy, who was born in Egypt. “In the past in America other people were the target. We are the target now. We have trouble in California, we have trouble in New York, we have trouble in Florida.”

“Everybody knows they are trying to kill us. People are really concerned about this. Somebody has to stand up and take this country back.”
The article in the Guardian has many similarities with what started in Germany in 1934. Is history starting to repeat it self?
This time a new group? A new scape goat?
Please, let this not be true. We already have a new wall raised in this world, while we where so happy when in 1989 that other wall fell down.
People already begin to picket against a group again.
Maybe in 30 years from now there will be a new ADL, this time to 'protect' the interests of Islamic people. We shouldn't have needed an ADL in the first place, and we can also do without a second.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Due to some electricity problems I couldn't work today, so I sat down at the local sports bar. Nothing wrong with that. Football on sometimes (like in soccer, for those Americans reading this), basketball and fights. All great sports. Until they switched all the tv's tonight to American football.
What-The-Fuck. That is not a sport. Going on a field with about 50 guys to play a game. Stopping the game every fucking 20 seconds. So that 2 quarters of only 15 minutes will drag on for at least an hour. Wearing a lot of protection. And that mascara. Come on, you're wearing a fucking big ass mask. Get some advise from your girlfriends for fuck sake...

I prefer rugby above this charade of commercials, nonsense statistics and pussy type of guys.
At least those rugby guys are though, strong and not scared to bump into each other. Without all that extra material around their bodies. Besides they don't swap their entire squad all the time and play on without taking a break!

2012, a new beginning

What started as a simple little post about partying in 2012, got me thinking further. I planned to make a little series out of it. First I had to side step and  discuss meditation, chakras and so on. Now I'm ready to delve deeper into, what I think, is going to happen in 2012.
First a few facts why people thinks it's going to be the end of the world.
- Mayan calendar stops on the winter solstice in 2012.
This calender stops because on the 21th December 2012 the era of the Pisces will come to an end and the age of Aquarius begins. The Mayans saw this as a new period where life transcends to a new age.
This will not be the end of times, but exciting things will happen.
Of course there is a transition between the age of Pisces and Aquarius. It's not happening overnight.
- Doomsday scenario II: the poles will swap. and tilt the earth. Although the magnetic poles move all the time, a complete reversal of the poles will take a long time to do so. The earth is spinning on it's axis and quiet regularly. Compare the earth with your average washing machine for a second. If you place your laundry on one side and let the machine spin it will vibrate heavily. If your laundry is evenly spread out in your washing machine, all is vibrating normally. Same with the earth. The continents drift over the earth and are evened out by now. If the poles shift, continents will drift away from the poles and towards the equator. This will take decades to do so. Not going to happen as well.
- And a couple of more scenarios exists as well. 
Common sense explains all these theories rationally and I believe he's not far off at all.

Just when writing this post I received an email with the following wisdom:

On this day of your life, Danny, I believe God wants you to know...

..that it would not be beneficial to believe your
Mind on matters that are very important to you.

Your Mind can base its conclusions only on Past Data that it has collected during your present experience of Physicalization. 
It has no knowledge of things existing through all Eternity.

In order to access data having to do with Who You Really Are, and why any particular thing is occurring, you would have to have access to data from outside your present Time Line. This data is only accessible through your soul.
It appears in your life as a "knowing." Trust this.

Love, Your Friend....
Neale Donald Walsche

That's exactly the reason I don't fully agree with Daily-common-sense's conclusions! Let me continue.

So nothing is going to happen? Not exactly. We are evolving constantly. This can happen suddenly and instantly. I hope you've watched David Wilcock's Event Horizon 2012 by now and get a better understanding. Skip the first one and jump straight into part two, if you will. Take your time to watch this, as it will give a better understanding of what I'm going to tell you. If you don't fancy watching 3 hours, I'll give you two important clues:
- The Giza pyramid contains different time lines.
- Evolution can happen overnight or within two or three generations.

Let's start with the evolution bit. All life consists of DNA. DNA that can be switched on and switched off. See True reality: Part I and Part II. Bottom line is that when we vibrate in a higher frequency we can switch on more of our DNA. How do we vibrate in a higher frequency? By spreading love.
Isn't that amazing?
Now look at earth's global warming, or as it currently called: climate change. Now think a little bigger and learn that ALL our planets are warming up and changing climate.
Our whole galaxy or universe is changing as well! This means vibrations are changing, preparing us for the changes ahead.
There have been experiments where DNA of an animal is beamed upon unborn life. With a pregnant chicken hen being beamed by a microwave that went through a duck, producing a cross between chickens and ducks.
Also a laser beamed through a salamander and being focussed on frog eggs. It turned out the eggs didn't contain frog DNA but became salamanders.
That's how fast evolution can happen.
In my conclusion to these experiments it could even be that there is no missing link in the Darwinian evolution but that humans suddenly evolved within one or two generations!

At the end of True Reality Part I a link is being established between DNA activation and the vibrations of love and fear.
Hold that theory for a few second.

(Click for large)

Let's move to my other clue: The Great Pyramid. If you've seen Event Horizon you've learned that the Mayans and the Egyptians build almost identical pyramids. Amazing isn't it?
The Great Pyramid holds a very interesting time line. Read that link first before continuing.
(See also Timeline of the God's for a better picture of the timeline)

One thing these sites do not tell you is the following. There is an inscription on the entrance of the antechamber, called "the boss". It's mentioned on this website at point 14 and further explained here. (navigation through the site is a bit temperamental). It turns out that this symbol, according to the measurements of the sacred Jewish inch, represents the year 2012.
It is the only inscription or decoration around the King's Chamber. It's mentioned that this symbol is visible on more places, but I haven't seen anything to confirm this yet. Bear in mind that this slab where "the boss" is on, is granite. And "the boss" is not carved in, but the whole slab is carved to leave "the boss" out! That's a lot of work!

Still with me?
Let me explain my comprehension of all this. Remember that at first the only visible way into the pyramid is to the lower chamber. Where there is a pit and an uneven ground marking the year 1914.
After the pit the shaft continues in a straight line until it leaves us in a dead end at the year 2994.
But! There is also a way to ascent and enter the King's Chamber. This was hidden and that entrance was discovered by chance. Up that shaft you have a choice to go to the Queens chamber or ascent further to the King's Chamber. This marks 33 AD. If you decide to go to the King's Chamber you will have to climb a big block of granite to get to the Grand Gallery and enter the King's Chamber. It's easier to enter the Queens chamber instead. If you are able to climb up and go to the King's Chamber you have ascended to the next level. And that next level will begin for the whole universe in 2012, the place where the granite slab or leaf is.

Think of it as symbolism. If we don't evolve we go down the shaft and enter the uneven path of the 20th century. After everything calmed down we continue quietly until the year 2994. This number probably has a meaning as well.
But somewhere in time we had a choice to ascent to the Queen's and King's Chamber. But this path was hidden. But it leads to the entrance of the King's Chamber where ascension into the next level begins in 2012.

Now for the difficult part, will we all ascent and make it, or will we die and only a few will remain on this planet? I don't know. I can't honestly say as I'm not a psychic and I can't look into the future. For that I would need a lot of more meditation and reaching enlightenment or nirvana. Luckily we have been given a guide. And in my quest to find out what will happen in 2012 I just stumbled upon this guide. I only glanced it over and haven't read it yet. To get a little inside into what this guide is about I suggest you watch an interview first. Make up your mind and then decide if you are ready to read it, or call it all b-shit and continue your life as you've been doing.
There is a choice, there are different time lines, there are different ways. As the Great pyramid explains. I invite you to watch Carla Rueckert's three part interview.
Namaste, and may love shine through you. Because you can project your thoughts and you can make it a better world. We all have that capability in us. We just need to activate it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The church

A little break from my series about meditation and the upcoming events of 2012.

I've been raised inside a protestant church. I've been baptised and I did my confirmation when I was 20. I still believe that there is a God. I still believe that Jesus is an example of how we should live our lives. Although I don't read it much, my bible is still one of the first things I pack where ever I go. I might not read it, but it goes with me all the time. I still have a card with a cross in my wallet that's been there for the last 15 years. A so called pocket cross. It's barely readable, it's hidden in my wallet and nowadays I don't carry my wallet with me. For safety reasons. But it's always there.
The card reads the following:
The cross I carry with me reminds me constantly that I want to live my life as a christian and go Gods way.

It's not a magic piece of wood, it's not a magic token of luck. And it doesn't even prevent me for pain or accidents.

I don't carry it with me as an ID card. It's a sign between the contact of the Lord and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket to look for money or my keys I feel this cross that tells me: "He redeemed my freedom!"

It tells me that I can thank my blessings large and small, and that I always, in word and actions, need to be his follower.

It reminds me also to the fact that Christ comforts and gives peace to anyone who surrenders to His care and love.

This is how I carry this cross always with me. As a token of believe and hope that Christ also wants to be my Lord, as long as I don't avoid Him.

Recent events in Belgium with the catholic church made a friend and many of her fellow countrymen un-baptise herself. For me this is a very serious step. I stepped out of the church because I didn't feel at home there. I met too many ego's and having an active church life mend for me to constantly try not to step on anybody's toes and I saw too much hypocrisy. My family all still go to church and I respect that. It's true that in church you are being fed with spiritual life. But for me... ...Not if I know that I can do one thing and sit in church the next week believing something else. I would be the first to confess I'm a sinner and that I do little to change it. But I do believe that Jesus is an example that we all need to life by. That he is the bringer of light and that he is all good.
Humanity struggles with life questions, we think we can do it all ourselves and we don't need a guidance for our soul. I know otherwise.

Back to the Catholic church. As a protestant, raised in a country that destroyed a lot of the beauty that catholic churches can hold physically, I believe that it's wrong to honour the woman that gave birth to Christ. I believe that it's wrong that by giving money it's possible to be salvaged, I believe it's wrong that there is only one person on earth that represents Jesus and can make rules where all devoted people of one church needs to live by. I believe that a lot those people forgot the popular question: "What would Jesus do?"
Honestly, if you take all the quotes from Jesus from the bible, everything he personally said in there. You could carry that in a small book with you, where ever you go. You don't need dogma's, you don't need a complete bible, you definitely don't need the Papal canon.

Would I ever renounce my baptism, or my confirmation? No. In the protestant church baptising does not only mean that I'm saved by Jesus and that my sins are forgiven. But it also means that my parents and anybody in my church will help me to grow my faith, help me in my religion and stand by me. My parents have done that and continue doing so. Renouncing my baptism would be a slap in the face to my parents.
Would I renounce my confirmation? No. When I did my confirmation I believed fully that Jesus is my saviour and that I say yes to God. And accept forgiveness for all my mistakes, all my sins and that I will do my best to live up to the life he set out for me.

Last night I was reading something that a lot of christians would call 'wrong'. I will delve into that later. Now is not time to discuss that. But I grabbed my bible and read the first chapter of John. First time in a long, long time that I opened my bible.
Right after that I read a blog of a guy that is on his path to enlightenment. I've been following him for a while, but never read his blog or forum. Just the occasional newsletter. He wrote down the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi:
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
Life is about love, life is about showing the path to the light that Jesus brings and showing others the way and follow Him who is able to stand by you, not judge you but by helping you fulfilling the path to Light, wisdom and freedom.

Checking your chakras

To check your chakras, you will need a crystal pendant and a second person. You can't check your own chakras.
Have the person lean their elbow on a steady underground and their hand fully still while holding the pendant about 2-3 cm above the chakra point.
There are a lot of possible movements and I will mention each one of them.

1. When the pendant swings about 15 cm in a clockwise motion the chakra is open and balanced. No need for affirmations and you can move to the next.

2. When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval), to the right, about 7 cm in diameter, this indicates an active/receptive split. The chakra is open, but overly active and masculine (Yang). The goal in this case would be for this person to allow in more feminine energy (Yin) and more receptiveness.

3. When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval), to the left, about 7 cm in diameter, this also indicates an active/receptive split. The chakra is open, but overly receptive and feminine (Yin). The goal in this case would be for this person to allow in more masculine energy (Yang) and more activeness.

 4. When the pendent swings elliptically clockwise (oval), vertically, 7 cm in diameter, it is open with some upward displacement of energy toward spiritual to avoid interaction with people. Why are they avoiding interacting with others? Try to help this person to confront their fears in this area.

5. When the pendant swings elliptically clockwise (oval), horizontally, 15 cm in diameter, they tend to hold back their energy to avoid energetic interaction with others (aloof).

6. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise, 15 cm in diameter (the opposite of #1), this chakra is closed an out of harmony, with false projections of imagined reality.

7. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise, elliptically (oval) to the right, 7 cm in diameter, the chakra is closed. Split, aggressive aspect more developed than passive with projection of a passive and biased sense of reality.

8. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise, elliptically (oval) to the left, 5 cm in diameter, this chakra is closed. Split, passive aspect more developed than aggressive with projection of an aggressive biased reality.

9. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise, elliptically (oval), vertically, 7 cm in diameter, the chakra is closed. This indicates an upward displacement of energy towards the spiritual to avoid interaction with people.

10. When the pendant swings counter-clockwise, elliptically (oval), horizontally, 13 cm in diameter, this chakra is closed. Withholding and compacting energy to avoid interaction with people (aloof).

 11. When the pendant swings only vertically, with a 15 cm swing, the chakra is open but they have a very strong pattern of moving feelings and energy toward the spiritual to avoid personal interaction.

12. When the pendant swings only horizontally with a 10 cm swing, they are holding energy flow and feelings down (repressing) to avoid personal interactions. Strong block indicated.

13. When the pendant swings to the right with a 7 cm swing, this indicates a severe aggressive/passive split, with aggression much more developed than passive.

14. When the pendant swings to the left with a 12 cm swing, this indicates a severe passive/aggressive split, passive much more developed than aggressive.

 15. When the pendant is STILL, this chakra isn't functioning at all. This is typically referred to as a “blown chakra” and it will lead to pathology in the physical body. A blown chakra can be caused by radiation, chemotherapy, or severe trauma. In this case, the meditations are badly needed, but it definitely can be healed.

 16. When your pendant moves in a clockwise, oval axis shift, 13 cm in diameter, this person is experiencing tremendous change taking place. This person is actively and deeply working on issues. “Sensitive chaos”.

17. When your pendant moves in a counter-clockwise, oval axis shift, 13 cm in diameter, this person is experiencing tremendous change taking place. This person is however avoiding those issues than are still taking place regardless. “Negative chaos”.

That's it! I would suggest watching this series of videos as well, where there is a further explanation done about dowsing and checking your chakras with a pendulum.

Chakra meditation - part II

Yesterday I discussed the first four chakra points. And gave you a little introduction in how to meditate. Today I will go into the last three main chakra points. And explain a little on how I meditate them.

Throat chakra (blue)
Location: Throat.
This chakra is about speaking clearly, being able to speak the truth with compassion and saying "I AM" without fear or hesitation.
To affirm your throat chakra speak these lines out loud or in your mind:
- I now say what needs to be said
- I value and express my creativity
- My purpose is to serve others with my unique gifts

Third eye chakra (indigo, dark blue)
Location: Between your eye brows.
This chakra is about devotion, forgiveness, creative thought, spiritual knowledge and wisdom and connection with your higher self or soul
To affirm your third eye chakra use these lines:
- I accept responsibility for creating my reality
- I now release early life and past life experiences which do not serve my highest good
- My intuitive connection with my Higher Self is expanding and becoming clearer

Crown chakra (violet)
There are different colours for this chakra, I prefer to use violet, but you can also find it described as white or gold.
Location: Top of your head, beaming upwards
This chakra is about connection with the world, enlightenment, co-creator of love and light.
To affirm this chakra you use these lines:
- I merge with the unity of all life
- I act in alignment with my Higher Self

As I meditate my chakras I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths into my nose and out my mouth. Once I feel myself sinking and my mind clearing, I rest for a while focussing on that state.
Slowly I place myself inside a green field and feel all living beings around me. Trees, grass, animals and a waterfall or creek nearby. I walk into the waterfall and feel it cleaning my body and soul.
I step out and feel beams of white light coming from the earth and trees surrounding me, going from my feet up through my body and out of the top of my head.
Now I've cleaned my body and let the light beam around me and through me.
I start focussing on my root chakra. I imagine red ball of light going in a clockwise motion.

Remember this is ALWAYS clockwise from WITHIN you, not towards you. Never go counter clockwise as it will close the chakra rather than open it!

I affirm the lines for the red chakra and focus on it for a while. Then I move to the spleen chakra and do the same. This time a yellow ball of light. I go all the way up to the crown.
Until all points beam out a light in a clockwise motion. Root is beaming down, crown is beaming upwards and the rest beaming outwardly in front of me.

Again I let my body fill with white light and move to the root chakra again. After the root chakra I move to the back of my body and, again in clockwise motions from within me, I move to the orange chakra, now beaming out of the back. Up to the solar plexus and so on. Affirming the lines for each chakra.
When I reach the crown chakra and all chakras are beaming outwardly behind me I imagine a purple scarf floating in the air wrapping the top of my head. the light slowly stops turning. Never going anti-clockwise but turning slower and the light becoming dimmer. Then an indigo scarf wraps my fore head, a blue scarf wrapping my throat, a green scarf wrapping my chest, a yellow scarf wrapping my solar plexus, an orange scarf wrapping my hips and a red scarf wrapping my lower torso.
I sit still and slowly move out of the field, let the trees and creek disappear and let the scarfs fall off my body.

Next up is testing your chakras. As there are many different movements, I will mention them in a separate post.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Going from the Buddhism meditation to the Hindu chakra meditation. There is a difference between the Buddhism believe in the chakras and the Hindu believe. Main difference is that the Buddhism chakras have 10 points, starting from the third eye, then the crown chakra and then down to the root. The Hindu chakras are more simplistic and better known. Also keep in mind that in Buddhism the soul does not exists. Something Hindus do believe in. There are other subtle differences but I will not discuss them here. The goal here is not to stick to one religion or faith but use different ones to get my point across.

There are seven main chakra points. Then four secondary chakras, one etheric chakra, some minor chakras and a lot of smaller chakras.
Chakras control your well being, your illnesses, your pains and your happiness. Other thing you need to know is that you have a front and back. Except for the root and crown chakra. All chakras turn clockwise both in front and your back. A closed chakra can cause physical and mental illness and if you feel something is wrong, focus on that chakra and heal your body and mind. The main way to check if a chakra is open or closed is by using a pendant. You will need somebody with a steady hand to check them. If the pendant starts to swing clockwise in an even motion, that chakra is functioning and open. If the pendant stays still, or worse: going anti-clockwise, it's closed. Wobbly movements in the pendant means you will need to work on that chakra.
There are many sites that explain what a certain chakra's function is, what it does and how you can open them. I'm not going into full detail on them, but will provide you with a link to get a better understanding.
Keep in mind that I'm using the Hindu explanation of chakras so here your chakras go only up. So red or root chakra is your main chakra, then your spleen or orange chakra, your solar plexus or yellow chakra, your heart or green chakra, your throat or blue chakra, your third eye or indigo chakra and finally your crown or violet chakra.
Before trying to open up any chakra keep in mind that the base chakras need to be fully open and functioning first. Don't attempt opening your third eye chakra when your root or solar chakra is off balance. Your base chakras are the root, the spleen and the solar plexus chakra. The other four are more advanced chakras.

An important thing is to cleanse your chakras first. You can find a qualified healer to do this for you and the healer can also inform you which chakras are open and which chakras need to be focused on.  I'm not a qualified healer, I just mention here what I've learned and what I practice.
The easiest way to cleanse your chakras is imagine yourself standing under a shower, a waterfall or laying in a pool. Feeling the water clean the inside of your body. Like the water is not only flowing over your body, but also inside you.
Another way is feeling a white light coming from the earth around you moving slowly through your body from the feet to the top of your head. Once your whole body is covered in a white light, you can start to focus on each point and fill that point with the designated colour.
After your meditation you will need to close your chakras too. Imagine a cloak or towel in each colour going from the crown to the root wrapping you. Shutting you down.

The most simple way of opening your different chakras is by doing the following:
Take an easy position, either the buddhist position with the knees crossed or laying down flat.
Close your eyes and focus on each section starting from the root.
You can hold a stone of a particular colour, or more easily think of a particular colour while focussing on that region. It may also help to guide that chakra by making a clockwise movement with your finger over that point.
Next what you do is: affirm the chakra. 

Root chakra (red)
Location: Pubic bone, base of spine.
This is all about you and who you are. So not only think of your body glowing in a red colour but also affirm that chakra with these lines:
- I honour my body
- I am and the world welcomes me
- I live with courage and consideration

Spleen chakra (Orange)
Location: about 5 cm below the navel. (for adults)
This chakra is all about what you feel. Your self confidence, needs and giving and receiving.
To affirm this chakra, let your body fill with an orange colour and repeat these lines:
- I let go of what I do not need and welcome change
- I am enough
- I trust the Universe to supply my abundance and prosperity

Solar plexus chakra (Yellow)
Location: about 5 cm above the navel.
This chakra is about self control and patience
To affirm this chakra think yellow or gold and repeat these lines:
- I own my own strength
- I appreciate all of my unique qualities

Heart chakra (green)
Location: in the centre of your chest, next to the heart
The heart chakra is about love. Love for yourself and love for others. It's also about accepting that you are God as well.
To affirm this chakra think green and repeat these lines:
- I am truly loved
- I accept myself fully

I'm going to take a break here and focus on the heart chakra. Remember what I said above. Make sure your three base chakras are open before continuing. Also keep in mind the colours that these chakras have. They are important, not only for your body but also for things that will come. Not having the first three chakras open will not prepare you for the things that are coming in the future.
Also notice that the heart chakra means that you are God as well.
This might come as a shock to some people but God is everywhere. God manifest himself in the universe, in trees, in rocks in every living creature. Everything is God. Or as Neale Donald Walsch put it in his wonderful and must read book: "When Everything Changes, Change Everything":
You are an Individuation of Divinity. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is. Life is God, expressing Itself. You are a part of Life, therefore, you are a part of God. The only way this could not be true would be if Life and God were somehow separate. Such a thing is impossible. 
This is important to further understand what changes are laying ahead. Life is in everything and Life and God are exactly the same thing. Not only here on earth, but in the whole universe!

Another important thing to point out are the colours. These colours can have different meanings and I'll come back to the colour yellow and green especially in a next post.
Just try to open up your root, spleen and solar plexus chakra as a start.
To learn more about all the main chakras and the consequences of having them open or closed, visit this website and this one.
To start your chakra meditations you can use videos as a guide. They focus on all points, but try to keep your focus mainly on the first three. As they are the most important ones.
When you're ready, watch these two videos to do meditations for your chakras:
Chakra balancing, Colour meditation and Solara An Ra.
Next post I will discuss the other chakras and also explain how to test them with a pendant.

Monday, September 13, 2010


If you've been reading my last post and you know me a bit, you might be wondering what I've gotten into. Well, over the last year or so, I came to the realisation that there is more in life. I believe that happiness and love needs to be the top priorities in peoples life.
Since late 80-ties I had this idea that life as we know it will be over in my lifetime. I never expected to be older than 65 and had the feeling life will change in 20-30 years from then.
I came to this conclusion because I noticed how we where exhausting the earth and that we needed to come up with alternatives quickly and stop our materialistic ways. I also understood that people where not accepting this and thus something has to change drastically.
What I've learned recently is only confirming this feeling and people will change drastically in the coming times.

I've done little meditation sessions over time. As I'm working more with my left side of the brain and being a realist, I've never been into yoga or given spiritual ascension much thought. But I've been reading about it for years and always knew that there is a higher level to life that I couldn't grasp with my realistic mind.
Due to my change in location and the saying: "When changes occur, change everything", I reckoned that there needs to be more change in life than just changing a location. So lately I've been reading and doing more meditation, calm my self down, cope with the changes in my life, in my relationships and want to understand more of life and how it should be lived.

The common believe in 2012 has always been a lot of b-shit to me. I don't watch TV, don't see movies but do follow the news about them on the internet. I can now safely say that those doomsday scenarios are not going to happen. There are different paths to the future and it's what we, collectively, make of it.
I don't get to this conclusion by meditating. Meditation needs to start at an early age and I've started way too late. Getting to enlightenment is a long process and I'm not there in a long way.
I do have a big interest in what's going on and bear with me. It's going to take a lot of explanation, a lot of reading and understanding to make my point clear. So I will break it down in different posts over the week to, hopefully, get my point across.

Meditation is the first key. Start doing it every day, every morning. I do it in the morning and in the evening. Mornings are for the more Buddhist way of meditating. I use a video for music guidance. (Downloaded the movie and have it on repeat with my flash-player.)
I like to have some relaxing background music, just to blank out the noises from outside.
This one and this one I would recommend. They are about ten minutes long. Put it on repeat if you are older. Rule of thumb is that you should meditate a minute for each year of your age.
For a good introduction into meditation and what it really is, take a course into meditation with this playlist. It's a must if you've never done meditation and prepares yourself of how you will experience things and what you should do during meditation.

Other thing I'm interested in is the chakras and the healing power it gives. That's where meditation comes in as well. My morning meditations have more to do with general healing. While in the evening or whenever I have time during the day I practice my chakra meditation. Chakras consists of many points in your body. But there are only seven main ones. Each chakra has a colour assigned and a meaning. I will go deeper into these colours and meanings in a next post.
If you already doing normal meditations, you might try these meditations as well:
Colour meditation and Solara An Ra.

Let the love shine within you. You will need it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The end as we know it?

I like to investigate before I form an opinion. Look at things from different sides, hear different opinions and then form my own.
My friend R. is in the believe that December 21th 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. And we better party the best we can until that date. Nice thought, I like it! Even if this whole 21/12/2012 doomsday scenario is not true.

So what is December 21th 2012 all about?
Some planet will disrupt the magnetic field around earth as we know it, tilting it's magnetic poles and destroy life as we know it.
Bullocks of course! If Planet X or Nibiru excists and is in hiding behind the sun in a much larger trajectory since it theorised existence in the 1860ies, it must be moving incredibly fast to keep away from our telescopes. We move around the sun, remember? We take a year to go completely around and if something larger and further away would be at the exact opposite of the sun and travel around the sun also, well I don't have an incredible mathematical mind nor am I an astrologist but I do have common sense and some experts confirm my sense and tell me it's simply not possible.
They say it must travel so fast it will actually spin out of the milky way system and would have never affected us.
Other theories say it comes from a different solar system. And will swing into ours.
This would confirm the theory of swinging out of place, though.
The other theory is that a large solar flare will come up and destroy earth at that time.

To understand all this he pointed me to David Wilcock. I've seen him in the past and is a wonderful presenter. Convincing, has a good sense of humour, down to earth, clearly explaining things with facts. I like him. And not only because R. says I resemble him, if I had long hair. Check out his video series: Event Horizon 2012. Total is just over 3 hours long, so perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

David Wilcock goes in depth about crop circles as well. Oh, no! Those artist that flatten crops and create angry farmers, I hear you cry. Those are all made by man.
Well... Not exactly. Most of them are found in England and that place is known for pranksters, especially two old man that cooked up ideas after a night in the pub. Maybe...
The most interesting place is Avebury. That's where the most circles turn up. For those who don't know where Avebury is and what the history about Avebury is: Avebury is just below Swindon in the south west of England. There are ancient erect stones, it's on a nod of two lay lines and is steeped in mythology and other stuff. It's a world heritage site(*) as well. Check out this post about lay lines in England. Unfortunately the map of England is not coming out well, so have a full look here.
The difference about man made and otherwise made crop circles is that if it's man made the stems of the flattened grain is actually broken. If it's made otherwise there is a lot of energy inside the circle and the stems are bend just above a little nod at the bottom of the stem. The crops are actually not broken and will continue to grow. Old pagans used these bend crops especially, because they believed those possessed some fertile powers. Other aspect is that the circle will still be visible when new crops are planted the next year.
Take a look at David Wilcocks video and you will get a far better understanding in both lay lines and crop circles. And understand that these circles are not just a thing since the late 70's done by some bored people, but have been existing for hundreds of years.

Now what are those crop circles telling us? The picture at the top of this post seem to show the planetary alignment on December 23 2012. It appeared on 15/7/2008. Funny thing is that the farmer got angry and ran over the circle with his tractor. A week later another circle appeared next to it.
Below is one where facts can actually be checked. On 1st of July 2009 a crop circle appeared near Avebury: 
See the explanation on this youtube video.

Now what happened on the 6th of July 2009 and the day after? Can we humans predict solar activity? To some extend. And to suggest that those few people that would be able to predict a particular solar flare, after a calm sun period and make such a beautiful crop circle, is well, such a small chance that I'll let you do the math yourself. NASA says we can only predict to some extent after solar activity is at a minimum and only after an increase in activity has been detected. Space weather says on the 6th of July that the sun was calm for a while and suddenly this behemoth solar flare came up. So no increase yet, so no predictions could have been made and no predictions could be made so precise. Also take in account that it takes one or two days before the magnetic field of a solar flare reaches us.

Why are these crops circles so important when they are not hoaxes? And we already have ways to separate hoax from otherwise created circles. Lets look at this one:

More on this blog.
Explanation by Jaime Maussan.
So what ever happens on May 16th 2012, it will be interesting. Note that the circle above is made a couple of years ago.

I'm done with crop circles for the moment. Believe what you want. Either man made, alien made, beamed with lasers from government satellites in the sky, or underground microwaves underneath these fields. I've seen a lot of theories come by. There are videos out there that film the making of crop circles and there have been eyewitness accounts, but those could be fabricated or to me is just hearsay. Seeing is believing is my motto.

What ever will happen in 2012. One thing's for sure. There are interesting times ahead, our whole solar system is warming up rapidly (not just earth's climate change), we have ancient data of two different advanced societies (the Mayans and the Sumerians) that both seem to know more than we understand today. What is true and what is not? I don't know. I think I will start partying and enjoying life to the fullest. Be more open spiritually and learn as much as possible in the mean time. And of course have a blast in December 2012!

And on finishing my blogpost and the investigation for today I stumble on this beautiful quote from Gautama Buddha:

  • Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.
  • Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many.
  • Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.
  • Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.
  • Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.
  • But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.
(*)I have a particular problem with Stonehenge being authentic. And any reference and science to their current layout needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Or a whole pot. If you believe a UFO site, the Japanese Times or a professor at Cambridge. Bottom line is that most of Stonehenge is now restored and based in concrete, disrupting the vibrations from the earth. Directing these vibrations are the key to why monoliths where build. Disrupting them by setting them in concrete, either by replacing them or leaving them in exactly the same place, can't give it the vibrations and feelings it once had.
I've been at Stonehenge when I was a young lad and all I felt was being fooled and kept at a distance. My parents just felt ripped off. Not the kind of vibrations you would have expected.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One month

Just over one month in the DR. It seems like a lot longer. Time does move at a slower pace and I feel that sometimes I can do a lot more than I used to in Dublin.
The negative things here are only minor. I still have to build up my network, meet new people and having some fun. For me the fun can only start when I get some money in and at the moment that's not yet the case.

My parents saw a tv show about a Dutch couple that tried to set up a business in DR. They failed after three months. Main reason: they didn't sold their house in NL, had to lend money to buy the business they wanted in DR and one of their parents got sick. I can't compare them with me at all. They had a full family with one kid, spend loads of time with their parents and got homesick.
I've been living abroad for a lot longer, and all I need are some nice friends around me. I have them already and making new ones almost every day.
Would I have recommended that couple to ever start here? No way. Could I do better and survive here while earning enough to make a living? Still think so.
I've got one project finished, but still needs a lot of work. Unfortunately that work doesn't depend on me and it's moving at a slower pace than I wish. The main project is kicking off. Just launched the domain name, US phone number, set up a facebook page and have enough content to get started. It's going to be different than what I had in mind, but my friend left me enough possibilities to keep doing my own thing as well.

So far I learned to ride a motorbike (oh yeah!!!) trying to learn not to get ripped off and got slightly adjusted to the heat. I love the country side here and of course the beach. Still haven't hit the beach as much as I did last time I was here, but it will come.
Do I regret the step I've made? No. Not at all. There are always plenty of opportunities going around to keep living.

Only thing right now that I miss is a steady income, but I love working for myself, making my own hours and be absolutely free in what I do and how to do it. I know it's not easy for foreigners to build a life here, making Dominican friends and be fully integrated. It's possible, but it takes time.
Same as in Dublin where there was a lively ex-pat community that sticked together.
The biggest difference here is, that the people here that do stick around have a far better understanding on how to live life to the fullest. I am not at that point yet. Rather watch from the sidelines than dive right in. Time will tell what will happen. Right now my perspectives of how life works in the Dominican republic is changing, but not for the worse. My senses always served me right and the little mistakes I made will only teach me for the better. So far this has been one of the best decisions in my life and I haven't regret it for a single moment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In DR!

Arrived in Cabarete, yesterday.
Tuesday my parents dropped me off. After a sad goodbye and a big hug I sat down at the gate and hear my name being announced. I report at the stewards and ask what is the matter? Seems they where overbooked and they gave me a different seat. Business class!
So the flight went smoothly, stretching my legs, enjoying excellent food and lots off goodies. At my arrival at Punta Cana, customs wanted to check my bags. Wondering what I was doing in a holiday destination with three suitcases. All was fine and everything went smooth. Contacted my new friend and drove to Bavaro to meet her.
After a quick shower I enter the local baristo and was struck by how dead this little place at the beach is. I sat down next to a Canadian woman who was sitting alone outside. Enjoyed my Presidente and struck up a conversation about DR and what it's like for her.
Soon two more people joined and I found out first hand how some Dominicans are so narrow minded about Haitians. One was Haitian, the other guy was Dominican. Of course in the eyes of the Dominican guy this particular Haitian was OK. Maybe because he was half Haitian, half Dominican.
The woman and me tried in vain to explain that you just can't judge a person on his colour or where the person is from. Luckily we all got distracted by a sweet little girl dancing and joking around. After enough beers I was tired enough to hit my bed and take a good rest.

The next day I was picked up by my chauffeur in a nice Mercedes to drive me to Cabarete. Of course it was cheaper to take a bus, but first of all it would take me hours more and second I needed to drag my three suitcases between at least three different busses and two or three taxis before I would arrive in Cabarete.
Apart from the smooth quick ride I was able to talk business and perhaps have a client that needs help with some websites. The country side was lovely and between the rain I enjoyed the lush green land with palm trees, hills and potholes.
Arrived a bit later than planned in my new gaff: Nice simple one bedroom apartment, more like a little house with a pool three steps from the front door. Life is sweet!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why did I leave the Netherlands?

Currently there is a hot debate in the Netherlands because a very orthodox protestant farmer lost a high court case against the local 'welstandscommissie'. This is a comity that advises the local counsels about architectural design and looks of buildings in a community. Basically it means that if you want to alter your house, they decide if it fits in with the neighbourhood or not. If not: Though luck.
They didn't like the bright white letters on the roof of this farm stating: "Jesus saves". Not the expression but the grade of white is disapproval! This committee is suggesting that a shade of grey would be better. The farmer doesn't want to change it and is planning to appeal with the European court.
Quibbling. As the majority of the Dutch are saying.

In other news today where the after effects of the arrival of the Dutch football team in Amsterdam. They had a nice ride through the canals on a boat holding beer. "Wrong example to the youth! They should be an example" some anti-alcohol organisation is saying. Even questions in parliament are raised.
Now I don't agree with the whole excessive welcoming of the Dutch football team at all, but to point out the use of big pitchers and lots of bottles of beer by the Dutch team on the boat is just pathetic.

How well organised the Netherlands is, this quibbling is just making me cringe. Glad I'm leaving in a few days.
Now tell me, do these guys look like happy losers or not?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back home

Being home feels familiar again. I'm happy with the good clothing shops, because Dutch fashion does look a lot more divers than the Irish fashion. Then there is the Dutch efficiency, and my personal favourite: vla. This last product is not equal to custard. It tastes slightly different.
I still have to get used to the large amount of cyclists, but enjoy a city without cars.

Today I picked up my birth certificate. Wait twenty minutes, ask for the certificate, pay and half an hour later I'm outside on my way to the courthouse to get it apostilled. All in all it took one hour. Compared to getting a police certificate in Ireland it's very fast. In Ireland I only needed to wait three weeks for that.
So all legal requirements are met and now I can focus on my Spanish and enjoy a few more weeks in NL. Also nice that the Dutch football team reached the finals of the world cup. Although I don't take a big interest in it. Especially all the orange stuff you can buy in the shops.
Apart from the obvious flags, horns, and clothing there is: orange vla, orange cakes and loads of other items that have special orange packaging just because they can and people are stupid enough to buy it, even if it costs more. Crazy Dutch... Retailers are happy, though.

I'll just keep on doing my exercises, enjoy the good weather and practice my Spanish. All is set for the Dominican Republic and I can't wait to get there. Just for the sake of being released from all that orange stuff!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting things done

I'm terrible at tasks at hand.
I always have to get a "go do it" mentality before an annoying task gets done. Can't have that in the future so slowly building things up for when I'm in the Dominican Republic.
First step was two months ago, making a little schedule on my desktop screen. It kinda works. But it's too rough and too static and I can hide it under a pile of windows. I rarely touch the Windows-M key combination.
So next step was adding the phrase "To help beat procrastination, will yourself to spend just a few minutes working on whatever needs to be done." to the desktop. Now that works. If I get to look at the desktop! The phrase comes from 59 seconds. Haven't read the book, but got some snippets of it.

Lifehacker posted the results of a poll on what is the best to-do list manager. Seems it's paper. In the comments somebody mentions AutoFocus v4. Now, if you think this is some fancy program, wrong! It's a method. And clicking through the PDF that animates the process, it's pretty straightforward. Only a few rules, you can hand-pick the tasks that need to be done, you duplicate them if needed. And it took me 5 minutes to add in my 'spreadsheet of progress'.

Last step in the process will be two programs that will keep an eye on me: either ManicTime or iFocus. They seem to be up for it and both are free. Will try them out after I made the jump to DR.

Not to my surprise packing and cleaning went slower than expected. And breaking a wheel nut of the 2cv last minute is not the best way to go as well. Although there is a solution for that: 2cv community to the rescue! Even in Ireland!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Don't want to add too much about this great series, but it amplified what I already had set in my mind. I already posted the full list, but like to point out their latest post as being brilliant!
Finding Your Calling Part V: Obstacles to Embracing Your Vocation

Before I leave... ...Irish weather

The thing that always amazed me here in Dublin is the blue sky. It can be this bright blue colour.
Of course I won't miss the rain. But seriously. I got more rain in the Netherlands than I got here in Dublin. If it rained it was only for a few minutes. Of course, I cycled through the occasional rain, but it was seldom that I had to wear protective clothing. Even in a rainy season it was very rare that I had to wear it for more than 3 times in a row. (morning and afternoon). After that I would leave the stuff mostly at home. So there you have it, let's promote the good weather in Ireland and forget about the "oh, it always rains in Ireland".
Ok tourists might have a different impression. But there is a secret to Irish weather. There are two summers in Ireland: May and September. When it's really summertime, it rains. But then you just feck off to a warm country to enjoy the sun!
No, I'm not doing that. I'm leaving for a lot longer than just one summer.

Yes I remember the dreadful summer of 2008. Where it rained non-stop. Well, at least it seemed that way. At the moment I'm very grateful that I get to experience the wonderful summertime with bright blue skies here in Dublin. It just paints a smile on my face!

This morning someone sang: "Where ever you go, always take the weather with you". I heard it was raining in the Dominican Republic. Don't think the Irish would be happy if I took this gorgeous weather away from them. People could save on their holidays this time!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are those dreams?

I've been going on and on about dreams, following them and living them. There is a simple reason for that. I'm still about a month away before I fly over to the Dominican Republic. And currently I'm making little lists in my head of mental luggage and real luggage I can carry.

But what are those dreams I want to follow exactly?
My dreams are about several different things. 

Find out if we can actually live without all these luxuries, needless things and look for alternatives. 
Not that I want to be in solitude in a little hut, being one with nature. But more about finding alternatives for fuel consuming luxuries and live a less complicated life, with caring for nature in the first place.
I know I could live without my computer, without internet. But do I want to give it up? No way! Like it far too much! Besides it's also my tool to make a living and will be able to support me in chasing my dreams. Being in the Dominican Republic means I will be without electricity sometimes. It could mean I want to explore alternatives. Wind energy like the windbelts maybe?
A very small one, can lit up a table or something. Enough to study, enough to do homework.
So I would like to explore more of those options, and see if they could proof to be an alternative to fossil fuel. Or charging a battery so I could keep working on my pc.

Caring for others
Living in an environment where a lot of people need to work hard and depend on supporting each other. This creates a bond between people that is lost to most of the western world.
In the western world we've learned to wait for handouts by the government and are living in fear for our fellow people. We've become selfish as there is no need to help others out. Familiar with the phrases: "Everybody gets money, so why should I help?" and "Government should do it. Not my problem."

Although my avatar is a saint, I don't pretend to be holier than the pope. So I certainly don't see these things above as a number one goal. More on an broader picture.
But they are the things I want to investigate and want to see if, in the western world, we've gone ape-shit and need to adjust. I feel lost in a western world and would like to be more open.
So I 'escape' from all things certain, all things with a safety net, and land myself in the unknown. Can I adapt? I don't know!
But willing to try my utmost best? Definitely! Because it's a part of this puzzle: what is quality of life? What's needed to be happy? Or as some would say: "Having my chakras aligned."

Now, I might be pushing it a bit too far. Lets focus on the horror stories.
"Oh! Weapons and drugs everywhere!", or what about: "it's called hurricane season for a reason!" And last, but by far the least: I'll be on a small little plate between two fault lines.
And somehow I don't see them as a threat. People have been able to live with these horrors for centuries. And guess what? They all died in the end! Either because of those horror stories, or just plain old age. People nowadays, just seem to freak out on things that don't have an on and off switch that they can control.
For me there are two things I can control: My body and my soul.
The rest? Out of my control, so I shouldn't worry about them too much. Of course I could try to influence those other factors in life. Or address them so I can take precautions. But that's about it.

Do I want to live a life in luxury?
Yes a nice villa would be cool. Nice cool classic car, Sure! Nice furniture? No problem for me. but I could do perfectly well without.  And if meaning doing without for a while means getting all above. I'm willing to achieve that. But if not? C'est la vie!
That villa, classic car, etc are not goals that I want to achieve, and if I get so environmental friendly that a cool classic car is out of the question, well c'est la vie, again!

I do have a plan. And I've found friends in the DR that might have slightly different dreams, but are very compatible with mine. So? If it's possible to chase our own dreams together, than all the better! My ultimate dream is to try and live in a paradise in a home that's resistant to what ever nature throws at it. (Think dome home) Build it as self efficient as possible and be more dependent on nature. Possible? I don't know. But I sure would like to try it out! It could be fun!

Yes, I do like to have nice things around me. Yes I do like to make some money to make it all come true. But for the time being I know I will have to set aside everything that isn't necessary for the soul, body and mind. Learn how to appreciate it. It will give me the opportunity to explore life. In that respect, my dreams don't stroke with each other. But dreams can change. Step by step, painting little pictures that fit in with that whole painting. Sketches have been made, but could be changed at any time.

Could we all live happy with nature? Self sufficient, without destroying nature, but live in harmony with it, without sacrificing all luxuries? I'm willing to try that dream out. And willing to set aside what isn't necessary and move forward.
And what about love, friendship and everything else? Well... that's a whole painting in my head. I think a small little picture to describe some of my dreams would be enough for now.