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Thursday, September 16, 2010

2012, a new beginning

What started as a simple little post about partying in 2012, got me thinking further. I planned to make a little series out of it. First I had to side step and  discuss meditation, chakras and so on. Now I'm ready to delve deeper into, what I think, is going to happen in 2012.
First a few facts why people thinks it's going to be the end of the world.
- Mayan calendar stops on the winter solstice in 2012.
This calender stops because on the 21th December 2012 the era of the Pisces will come to an end and the age of Aquarius begins. The Mayans saw this as a new period where life transcends to a new age.
This will not be the end of times, but exciting things will happen.
Of course there is a transition between the age of Pisces and Aquarius. It's not happening overnight.
- Doomsday scenario II: the poles will swap. and tilt the earth. Although the magnetic poles move all the time, a complete reversal of the poles will take a long time to do so. The earth is spinning on it's axis and quiet regularly. Compare the earth with your average washing machine for a second. If you place your laundry on one side and let the machine spin it will vibrate heavily. If your laundry is evenly spread out in your washing machine, all is vibrating normally. Same with the earth. The continents drift over the earth and are evened out by now. If the poles shift, continents will drift away from the poles and towards the equator. This will take decades to do so. Not going to happen as well.
- And a couple of more scenarios exists as well. 
Common sense explains all these theories rationally and I believe he's not far off at all.

Just when writing this post I received an email with the following wisdom:

On this day of your life, Danny, I believe God wants you to know...

..that it would not be beneficial to believe your
Mind on matters that are very important to you.

Your Mind can base its conclusions only on Past Data that it has collected during your present experience of Physicalization. 
It has no knowledge of things existing through all Eternity.

In order to access data having to do with Who You Really Are, and why any particular thing is occurring, you would have to have access to data from outside your present Time Line. This data is only accessible through your soul.
It appears in your life as a "knowing." Trust this.

Love, Your Friend....
Neale Donald Walsche

That's exactly the reason I don't fully agree with Daily-common-sense's conclusions! Let me continue.

So nothing is going to happen? Not exactly. We are evolving constantly. This can happen suddenly and instantly. I hope you've watched David Wilcock's Event Horizon 2012 by now and get a better understanding. Skip the first one and jump straight into part two, if you will. Take your time to watch this, as it will give a better understanding of what I'm going to tell you. If you don't fancy watching 3 hours, I'll give you two important clues:
- The Giza pyramid contains different time lines.
- Evolution can happen overnight or within two or three generations.

Let's start with the evolution bit. All life consists of DNA. DNA that can be switched on and switched off. See True reality: Part I and Part II. Bottom line is that when we vibrate in a higher frequency we can switch on more of our DNA. How do we vibrate in a higher frequency? By spreading love.
Isn't that amazing?
Now look at earth's global warming, or as it currently called: climate change. Now think a little bigger and learn that ALL our planets are warming up and changing climate.
Our whole galaxy or universe is changing as well! This means vibrations are changing, preparing us for the changes ahead.
There have been experiments where DNA of an animal is beamed upon unborn life. With a pregnant chicken hen being beamed by a microwave that went through a duck, producing a cross between chickens and ducks.
Also a laser beamed through a salamander and being focussed on frog eggs. It turned out the eggs didn't contain frog DNA but became salamanders.
That's how fast evolution can happen.
In my conclusion to these experiments it could even be that there is no missing link in the Darwinian evolution but that humans suddenly evolved within one or two generations!

At the end of True Reality Part I a link is being established between DNA activation and the vibrations of love and fear.
Hold that theory for a few second.

(Click for large)

Let's move to my other clue: The Great Pyramid. If you've seen Event Horizon you've learned that the Mayans and the Egyptians build almost identical pyramids. Amazing isn't it?
The Great Pyramid holds a very interesting time line. Read that link first before continuing.
(See also Timeline of the God's for a better picture of the timeline)

One thing these sites do not tell you is the following. There is an inscription on the entrance of the antechamber, called "the boss". It's mentioned on this website at point 14 and further explained here. (navigation through the site is a bit temperamental). It turns out that this symbol, according to the measurements of the sacred Jewish inch, represents the year 2012.
It is the only inscription or decoration around the King's Chamber. It's mentioned that this symbol is visible on more places, but I haven't seen anything to confirm this yet. Bear in mind that this slab where "the boss" is on, is granite. And "the boss" is not carved in, but the whole slab is carved to leave "the boss" out! That's a lot of work!

Still with me?
Let me explain my comprehension of all this. Remember that at first the only visible way into the pyramid is to the lower chamber. Where there is a pit and an uneven ground marking the year 1914.
After the pit the shaft continues in a straight line until it leaves us in a dead end at the year 2994.
But! There is also a way to ascent and enter the King's Chamber. This was hidden and that entrance was discovered by chance. Up that shaft you have a choice to go to the Queens chamber or ascent further to the King's Chamber. This marks 33 AD. If you decide to go to the King's Chamber you will have to climb a big block of granite to get to the Grand Gallery and enter the King's Chamber. It's easier to enter the Queens chamber instead. If you are able to climb up and go to the King's Chamber you have ascended to the next level. And that next level will begin for the whole universe in 2012, the place where the granite slab or leaf is.

Think of it as symbolism. If we don't evolve we go down the shaft and enter the uneven path of the 20th century. After everything calmed down we continue quietly until the year 2994. This number probably has a meaning as well.
But somewhere in time we had a choice to ascent to the Queen's and King's Chamber. But this path was hidden. But it leads to the entrance of the King's Chamber where ascension into the next level begins in 2012.

Now for the difficult part, will we all ascent and make it, or will we die and only a few will remain on this planet? I don't know. I can't honestly say as I'm not a psychic and I can't look into the future. For that I would need a lot of more meditation and reaching enlightenment or nirvana. Luckily we have been given a guide. And in my quest to find out what will happen in 2012 I just stumbled upon this guide. I only glanced it over and haven't read it yet. To get a little inside into what this guide is about I suggest you watch an interview first. Make up your mind and then decide if you are ready to read it, or call it all b-shit and continue your life as you've been doing.
There is a choice, there are different time lines, there are different ways. As the Great pyramid explains. I invite you to watch Carla Rueckert's three part interview.
Namaste, and may love shine through you. Because you can project your thoughts and you can make it a better world. We all have that capability in us. We just need to activate it!

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