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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chakra meditation - part II

Yesterday I discussed the first four chakra points. And gave you a little introduction in how to meditate. Today I will go into the last three main chakra points. And explain a little on how I meditate them.

Throat chakra (blue)
Location: Throat.
This chakra is about speaking clearly, being able to speak the truth with compassion and saying "I AM" without fear or hesitation.
To affirm your throat chakra speak these lines out loud or in your mind:
- I now say what needs to be said
- I value and express my creativity
- My purpose is to serve others with my unique gifts

Third eye chakra (indigo, dark blue)
Location: Between your eye brows.
This chakra is about devotion, forgiveness, creative thought, spiritual knowledge and wisdom and connection with your higher self or soul
To affirm your third eye chakra use these lines:
- I accept responsibility for creating my reality
- I now release early life and past life experiences which do not serve my highest good
- My intuitive connection with my Higher Self is expanding and becoming clearer

Crown chakra (violet)
There are different colours for this chakra, I prefer to use violet, but you can also find it described as white or gold.
Location: Top of your head, beaming upwards
This chakra is about connection with the world, enlightenment, co-creator of love and light.
To affirm this chakra you use these lines:
- I merge with the unity of all life
- I act in alignment with my Higher Self

As I meditate my chakras I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths into my nose and out my mouth. Once I feel myself sinking and my mind clearing, I rest for a while focussing on that state.
Slowly I place myself inside a green field and feel all living beings around me. Trees, grass, animals and a waterfall or creek nearby. I walk into the waterfall and feel it cleaning my body and soul.
I step out and feel beams of white light coming from the earth and trees surrounding me, going from my feet up through my body and out of the top of my head.
Now I've cleaned my body and let the light beam around me and through me.
I start focussing on my root chakra. I imagine red ball of light going in a clockwise motion.

Remember this is ALWAYS clockwise from WITHIN you, not towards you. Never go counter clockwise as it will close the chakra rather than open it!

I affirm the lines for the red chakra and focus on it for a while. Then I move to the spleen chakra and do the same. This time a yellow ball of light. I go all the way up to the crown.
Until all points beam out a light in a clockwise motion. Root is beaming down, crown is beaming upwards and the rest beaming outwardly in front of me.

Again I let my body fill with white light and move to the root chakra again. After the root chakra I move to the back of my body and, again in clockwise motions from within me, I move to the orange chakra, now beaming out of the back. Up to the solar plexus and so on. Affirming the lines for each chakra.
When I reach the crown chakra and all chakras are beaming outwardly behind me I imagine a purple scarf floating in the air wrapping the top of my head. the light slowly stops turning. Never going anti-clockwise but turning slower and the light becoming dimmer. Then an indigo scarf wraps my fore head, a blue scarf wrapping my throat, a green scarf wrapping my chest, a yellow scarf wrapping my solar plexus, an orange scarf wrapping my hips and a red scarf wrapping my lower torso.
I sit still and slowly move out of the field, let the trees and creek disappear and let the scarfs fall off my body.

Next up is testing your chakras. As there are many different movements, I will mention them in a separate post.

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