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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Due to some electricity problems I couldn't work today, so I sat down at the local sports bar. Nothing wrong with that. Football on sometimes (like in soccer, for those Americans reading this), basketball and fights. All great sports. Until they switched all the tv's tonight to American football.
What-The-Fuck. That is not a sport. Going on a field with about 50 guys to play a game. Stopping the game every fucking 20 seconds. So that 2 quarters of only 15 minutes will drag on for at least an hour. Wearing a lot of protection. And that mascara. Come on, you're wearing a fucking big ass mask. Get some advise from your girlfriends for fuck sake...

I prefer rugby above this charade of commercials, nonsense statistics and pussy type of guys.
At least those rugby guys are though, strong and not scared to bump into each other. Without all that extra material around their bodies. Besides they don't swap their entire squad all the time and play on without taking a break!

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