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Monday, September 13, 2010


If you've been reading my last post and you know me a bit, you might be wondering what I've gotten into. Well, over the last year or so, I came to the realisation that there is more in life. I believe that happiness and love needs to be the top priorities in peoples life.
Since late 80-ties I had this idea that life as we know it will be over in my lifetime. I never expected to be older than 65 and had the feeling life will change in 20-30 years from then.
I came to this conclusion because I noticed how we where exhausting the earth and that we needed to come up with alternatives quickly and stop our materialistic ways. I also understood that people where not accepting this and thus something has to change drastically.
What I've learned recently is only confirming this feeling and people will change drastically in the coming times.

I've done little meditation sessions over time. As I'm working more with my left side of the brain and being a realist, I've never been into yoga or given spiritual ascension much thought. But I've been reading about it for years and always knew that there is a higher level to life that I couldn't grasp with my realistic mind.
Due to my change in location and the saying: "When changes occur, change everything", I reckoned that there needs to be more change in life than just changing a location. So lately I've been reading and doing more meditation, calm my self down, cope with the changes in my life, in my relationships and want to understand more of life and how it should be lived.

The common believe in 2012 has always been a lot of b-shit to me. I don't watch TV, don't see movies but do follow the news about them on the internet. I can now safely say that those doomsday scenarios are not going to happen. There are different paths to the future and it's what we, collectively, make of it.
I don't get to this conclusion by meditating. Meditation needs to start at an early age and I've started way too late. Getting to enlightenment is a long process and I'm not there in a long way.
I do have a big interest in what's going on and bear with me. It's going to take a lot of explanation, a lot of reading and understanding to make my point clear. So I will break it down in different posts over the week to, hopefully, get my point across.

Meditation is the first key. Start doing it every day, every morning. I do it in the morning and in the evening. Mornings are for the more Buddhist way of meditating. I use a video for music guidance. (Downloaded the movie and have it on repeat with my flash-player.)
I like to have some relaxing background music, just to blank out the noises from outside.
This one and this one I would recommend. They are about ten minutes long. Put it on repeat if you are older. Rule of thumb is that you should meditate a minute for each year of your age.
For a good introduction into meditation and what it really is, take a course into meditation with this playlist. It's a must if you've never done meditation and prepares yourself of how you will experience things and what you should do during meditation.

Other thing I'm interested in is the chakras and the healing power it gives. That's where meditation comes in as well. My morning meditations have more to do with general healing. While in the evening or whenever I have time during the day I practice my chakra meditation. Chakras consists of many points in your body. But there are only seven main ones. Each chakra has a colour assigned and a meaning. I will go deeper into these colours and meanings in a next post.
If you already doing normal meditations, you might try these meditations as well:
Colour meditation and Solara An Ra.

Let the love shine within you. You will need it!

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