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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sometimes I get the feeling certain letters or numbers or even colours keep coming back in to my life. Following me all the time. It just happens to be that way.

The initials of my dads name are the same as the city and street my parents live in. I was born in that house. When I thought I was old and wise enough, I searched for my own initials.
First city was Deventer, after that came Dublin and now it's going to be the Dominican Republic. What's next? Djakarta or something?

Meanwhile, at the office. My Dutch colleagues are acting like most Dutch people and get all nationalistic and absolutely crazy when they have the opportunity to make everything orange and wave the Dutch flag. Further more, you can sell them anything that faintly looks orange and they will pay any price for it and act all jolly. This nasty virus is called Orange-fever. You can prevent it, but that's not easily done.
It usually happens about every two years. In the end everybody catches it and then we all end up watching football in the pub. My colleagues are a bit worried. My desk shows no sign of orange nor red, white and blue. Except for a union jack close by. So they asked me if I will put the Dominican flag up!
Said "no, because the colours are the same as the Dutch flag."

Dutch flag

The Dominican flag

So I said, it does look a bit like the flag from my birth place:

Flag of the province Groningen

Now, of course I could have deliberately picked my previous destinations, but I never thought: "oh, yeah. lets go to a place where the colours of the flag are like the Dutch flag!" And as it turns out, the name of that country starts with the same letter as my first name. No way. Those previous places where cities. Now it's suddenly became a country!

So today I was clicking away on wiki and suddenly got a shock!
The flag of Cabarete, my next destination, looks like this:

Ah! The smart observer would be saying! Your next residence will start with a C!
And you went from province to municipal!
Yep, fully correct. It doesn't make sense at all. But I have a middle name. And that one does start with a C!
So there you go. Call it far fetched, call it deliberate. Call it what you want.
I think it's no coincidence. And I certainly didn't search for this, it usually just pops up!


  1. Haha thats funny! and wow dont know how to call it :D U just on the right way i think ;)

  2. Think so too.
    If you didn't pick Cabarete, I would have never ended up there!