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Thursday, June 10, 2010

without friends

Would anything be possible if you didn't trust your friends?
I don't think so.
Without my friends I wouldn't had such a great time in Dublin.
In Dublin I've found a lot of interesting people, some like-minded, some chasing dreams and some fulfilling them, and some simply crazy people! Love them all!
Without my friends picking up and leaving Dublin, I wouldn't have thought about doing the same.
Without having some great friends in the Dominican Republic, I would have never made that step.

But it's still doing what's best for me! With or without friends, you should always follow your heart and trust your instincts. All will end well.
Dreams are not always easy. Dreams are actually damn hard to chase. But if you believe in them, if you follow them, put things aside that stop those dreams, and most of all: Have faith in yourself. Have the will power and think ahead, this will all make following your dreams a lot easier.

Lately I've been following the Art of Manliness. They have this series at the moment about vocation. Your calling in life! The thinks you want to do, effortlessly and without seeing it as a being a job. Interesting stuff:

Part 1
Action verses dreams
Necessity of dead work
Part 2
Vocation and avocation
Part 3
Part 4
Vocation: Sham and Sincerity
Part 5 (Final) 

It's not an easy thing to just pick up and leave. Ok, for me it is. I don't have a wife nor kids, no mortgage or house to sell. So yes, I'm in a position to pick up and leave. Leaving security, steady job and hit the unknown.
Without a plan, without a dream, it'll never work. But if you feel that everything will be fine, you have the will to work the best of your ability and even better, if you stick to your plan. You too can follow your vocation, your dreams and live your life!

But without some fantastic friends and support, think twice, but never let it stop you!

Of course it's not going to be all sunshine and walking on clouds. Heck, I'll probably just fly over the pitfalls and bump my head against the clouds. But willing to learn, willing to work hard and make dreams come true. Not only mine, but others too. It will make it a lot easier if your friends dream the same way. If that's the case, build that team, work hard, have one goal and life will smile at you and you smile back at everything it throws at you!
Probably the most important thing in following dreams: The only thing you have is your life, your choice and your mind. Those are the only things that you will carry with you all your life!
Having a fancy car, a beautiful mansion, loads of money on your bank account, it's all materialistic and not very important. You have one life, use it! Bring happiness, be caring, help others. Anything else just serves as instant self-gratification and could be taken away at any giving moment.

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