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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are those dreams?

I've been going on and on about dreams, following them and living them. There is a simple reason for that. I'm still about a month away before I fly over to the Dominican Republic. And currently I'm making little lists in my head of mental luggage and real luggage I can carry.

But what are those dreams I want to follow exactly?
My dreams are about several different things. 

Find out if we can actually live without all these luxuries, needless things and look for alternatives. 
Not that I want to be in solitude in a little hut, being one with nature. But more about finding alternatives for fuel consuming luxuries and live a less complicated life, with caring for nature in the first place.
I know I could live without my computer, without internet. But do I want to give it up? No way! Like it far too much! Besides it's also my tool to make a living and will be able to support me in chasing my dreams. Being in the Dominican Republic means I will be without electricity sometimes. It could mean I want to explore alternatives. Wind energy like the windbelts maybe?
A very small one, can lit up a table or something. Enough to study, enough to do homework.
So I would like to explore more of those options, and see if they could proof to be an alternative to fossil fuel. Or charging a battery so I could keep working on my pc.

Caring for others
Living in an environment where a lot of people need to work hard and depend on supporting each other. This creates a bond between people that is lost to most of the western world.
In the western world we've learned to wait for handouts by the government and are living in fear for our fellow people. We've become selfish as there is no need to help others out. Familiar with the phrases: "Everybody gets money, so why should I help?" and "Government should do it. Not my problem."

Although my avatar is a saint, I don't pretend to be holier than the pope. So I certainly don't see these things above as a number one goal. More on an broader picture.
But they are the things I want to investigate and want to see if, in the western world, we've gone ape-shit and need to adjust. I feel lost in a western world and would like to be more open.
So I 'escape' from all things certain, all things with a safety net, and land myself in the unknown. Can I adapt? I don't know!
But willing to try my utmost best? Definitely! Because it's a part of this puzzle: what is quality of life? What's needed to be happy? Or as some would say: "Having my chakras aligned."

Now, I might be pushing it a bit too far. Lets focus on the horror stories.
"Oh! Weapons and drugs everywhere!", or what about: "it's called hurricane season for a reason!" And last, but by far the least: I'll be on a small little plate between two fault lines.
And somehow I don't see them as a threat. People have been able to live with these horrors for centuries. And guess what? They all died in the end! Either because of those horror stories, or just plain old age. People nowadays, just seem to freak out on things that don't have an on and off switch that they can control.
For me there are two things I can control: My body and my soul.
The rest? Out of my control, so I shouldn't worry about them too much. Of course I could try to influence those other factors in life. Or address them so I can take precautions. But that's about it.

Do I want to live a life in luxury?
Yes a nice villa would be cool. Nice cool classic car, Sure! Nice furniture? No problem for me. but I could do perfectly well without.  And if meaning doing without for a while means getting all above. I'm willing to achieve that. But if not? C'est la vie!
That villa, classic car, etc are not goals that I want to achieve, and if I get so environmental friendly that a cool classic car is out of the question, well c'est la vie, again!

I do have a plan. And I've found friends in the DR that might have slightly different dreams, but are very compatible with mine. So? If it's possible to chase our own dreams together, than all the better! My ultimate dream is to try and live in a paradise in a home that's resistant to what ever nature throws at it. (Think dome home) Build it as self efficient as possible and be more dependent on nature. Possible? I don't know. But I sure would like to try it out! It could be fun!

Yes, I do like to have nice things around me. Yes I do like to make some money to make it all come true. But for the time being I know I will have to set aside everything that isn't necessary for the soul, body and mind. Learn how to appreciate it. It will give me the opportunity to explore life. In that respect, my dreams don't stroke with each other. But dreams can change. Step by step, painting little pictures that fit in with that whole painting. Sketches have been made, but could be changed at any time.

Could we all live happy with nature? Self sufficient, without destroying nature, but live in harmony with it, without sacrificing all luxuries? I'm willing to try that dream out. And willing to set aside what isn't necessary and move forward.
And what about love, friendship and everything else? Well... that's a whole painting in my head. I think a small little picture to describe some of my dreams would be enough for now.

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